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I Built The Cross was formed in 2008 by Reed Mitchell and Garrett McGeein (formally of Disfiguring the Goddess, before it was cool). As a small project developed by two 17-year-olds, it quickly and unexpectedly earned a surprising foundation of committed listeners. Seeing the growing following of fans, the need for a full line-up made itself markedly apparent. Shortly thereafter, longtime friend Zakary Campbell joined the group on Bass guitar, at which point the serious search for a capable drummer and second guitarist found a passionate hunt. IBTC has since undergone various member swaps on both the positions of drummer and second guitarist. Finally, in 2011, a committed, able drummer found his way into the group, firmly establishing the current lineup noted above under "members."


Reed Mitchell - Guitar
Garrett McGeein - Vocals
Zak Campbell - Bass
Nathan Gillotti- Drums

Facebook / ibuiltthecrossmusic


released April 7, 2008



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Track Name: Stand Together
With a fist adorned in brass, it's time to stand up and fight your fears.
Never back down, never give up.
This isn't about looking tough, it's about lifting each other up.
This is our home, we roll together till the day we die, without my brothers, this wouldn't be life.
Our hearts are gold and our motives are pure, so keep your judgment off me.
No matter who you are,
No matter what you've done,
It's never too late to change,
Your always welcome with us.
Scream out at the top of your lungs,
Fight for what is yours,
It takes more than blood to be family,
There's no stopping us now,
This is our time to shine.
Scream out at the top of your lungs,
Fight for what is yours,
It takes more than blood to be family,
There's no stopping us now,
This is our time to shine.
Track Name: Heart of a Servant
Impaled high above the crowd the sins of the world pour from Your hands and feet.
Mocked and defiled, embedded in your head are thorns.
This is love.
Lord, I am eternally grateful,
And my heart is all I have to give.
Now religion has destroyed.
This was never how things were meant to be.
We are no longer bound by the law.
In His blood we find Freedom.
We are saved by grace.
So give me peace through these times of struggle,
And hope through time of distress.
Give me the heart of a servant,
So I may serve You with all of my heart.
But Jesus, you give life.
This is my purpose, to live for your glory.
Lord, I give You praise. You died for me, I'll live for You.
I would give my life for this.
Track Name: Encouragement (feat. Cameron Argon)
It will always be a struggle in some ways.
It's important to remember that you don't have to do anything in His favor,
He already loves you,
So the things that you do,
Do because you want to, not because
You have to for any reason.
That is something I still struggle with, but knowing that helps free me.
Don't let your failures keep you down, you are not disappointing God,
He already knows, you are disappointing yourself.
Which is understandable.
However, don't let that discourage you,
Don't dwell and keep walking forward.
Don't dwell and keep walking forward.