Absence Of Hindsight

by Every Word A Prophecy

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Christian Carr
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Christian Carr tbh i only picked this up cause there was only 3 left and when i listened to it i was shocked. such great vocals and to go along with it, some great instruments. very talented band and i cant wait to hear something else from them. Favorite track: Legalization: A Lonesome Standard.
simon handmaker
simon handmaker thumbnail
simon handmaker Such kickass slammin' riffs. Definitely worth checking out for any deathcore fan. Favorite track: Visualization: The Process Of Elimination.
Todd Hadler
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Todd Hadler This album is prog/tech deathcore goodness that everyone who is a fan of the genre should own, like now. Favorite track: Decontamination: No One Lives.
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released March 8, 2013



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Track Name: Proclamation: A Look To The Stars
Surrender my presence to a void of absence.
I am here to speak a truth so loud, that all will hear.
Register every word in your books, almost to say I speak a prophecy. (x2)
Track Name: Legalization: A Lonesome Standard
Gunshots ring out and no one stops, no one cares.
Another victim lay helpless to insanity.
Murder and for what record?
Have we lost humility?

We built our downfall and trusted them for this long?
Who are we?
I do not seek another man's blood, unless he owes his rightful debts.
I seek punishment due to those applicable, but brutality is beyond your rights you filthy fucking pigs.
You are here to protect and serve, so why don't you fucking do it?
Age old story of fuck the police or one where the cops are actually soldiers of an american nazi colony.

You can be the judge, but I won't stand for it.

Try to turn us into a brainwashed cult of lowerclass just for you to kill off?

Pardoned and abandoned life will retrace its steps back towards safer grounds.
These are the sounds of our generation and we have every right to stand up for Indecency in America.

I am partial to the thought of seeking out a resolution to these troubled times.

We all deserve food, clothes, and shelter.
Yet we owe our corporations their next dollar.
Fuck this high stakes agenda our government has created only to enslave the ones who are far more worthy than you.

Weathered down to their crown's the King's decide to make this perpetual debt abound. (x2)

It's a sad day when all you have to say for yourself is that you weren't the one who could bring change.
We have a right to live and prosper as a race.
So why are we so far behind?
Track Name: Decontamination: No One Lives
All around the world there is devastation and chaos.
These simple plagues ruin nations and hinder life.
As these days grow older we're looking at a brand new world.
One that will be led by a powerful dictator.

Can't you see it? It's coming. (x2)

To ruin every aspect of your goddamn life.
There will be nowhere to hide.

Out of the woodwork comes a brand new day.
One in which we as humans will lose rights and we wont have any say.

Fuck everything you see on the news today.
This is how our world is portrayed.

The greediest of men will come together only to overthrow this world we love. (x2)

Stuck in their long running rule of this world they've forgotten what makes a man. (x2)

If god could hear your cries for help he would've done something by now.
It's sad to say all your lives are a lie and we are nothing more than slaves for a corrupt kingdom.

Nothing more than slaves for a corrupt kingdom.

Stop, please take this time to look around at this world they've made.

Fucked is what we are.
With nowhere to go.
With nowhere to hide.
It's over now.

In these days we have nothing more than the clothes on our backs
Resulting in the collapse of all nations our world slowly see's the end.

We as humans never see the big picture tills it to late.
Lose yourself and find true meaning of these pointless lives we live.

In these days we have nothing more than the clothes on our backs
Resulting in the collapse of all nations our world slowly see's the end
Track Name: Globalization: All Nations Collapse
Close your eyes and think for a second.
Is this the moment that defines us as humans?
These lives are meant for far much more.

Have you forgotten that you do not really own your property?
Everything is just a facade. (x2)

Once we tear these walls down we can begin to illuminate a new way.

Revolution is upon us and we can't be subsitute to these lies anymore
I see no end in sight for what is to be and what will pass.

Know this, these days marching by will surely be our last.
I am in no shape fit to bear these burdens of kingdoms gone.

Stead fast with all of the might I may have, once we've taken the enemy head on.

I feel the fire consume my body though the only thing that comes to my mind is what heretic ravaged these lands.

Lonesome heartless creature your soul so small and bent who put you here?
Leftover from another age this worm consumes on the flesh of hate.

Redefined by the logic and concentration of misled youth, we seek a pentacle of restitution.
Are you listening?
Am I cutting through your smoke screen?

Lonesome, heartless creature your soul so small and bent who put you here?

Why won't you look at me?

I hope these words reach deep to cut the wires that hold your corrupt mind in place.
Track Name: Stabilization: We Weep While They Control
Rise up to meet me world,
I'm calling you out.

Take two steps back from this mirror.
So you can see yourself for what you really are.

Every sign of life proves to be the works of a wizard that no man has ever laid his eyes on.
And in this moment i see true stupidity.

Now, what do you have to say for yourself?
Did you make a difference?
Because if you did, I dont fucking see it.
Kill me, destroy me.

Show me what the fuck you're made of.
Show me your teeth and I'll show you my spine.

Rise up to meet me world,
I'm calling you out.

Deep within the depths of my soul,
I feel as if I am making myself stronger.

Did I need the holy fucking spirits help?
Nay, for my works are done by my own hands.

Lost in your own translations,
I stop to stare at your meaningless lives.

God forgive your people for they know not what the hell they do.

This is my point that I have been trying to prove to you

Call me souless and a sinner, but know this.
I will always be a step ahead of you.

I have disassembled my own life to just build it again but perhaps this time I will make some adjustments.

Watch me, show you who I really am and just what I am capable of.

Rest in peace bastards.
Track Name: Expulsions: The Way We Perceive Life
Expulsion is a sign of territory.
We are all dead to ourselves but alive in one another.

Perception is a common misconcenption on how we deal with life.

We are all dead.

Close minded fools perceive this world as a foreground for an altered reality.
The resolution and tone definition in this life brings me to one conclusion.

Reality is altered only for those who see this world for what it really is.
Our realization process is being dumbed down to make us less intelligent.

For years we've fallen to the lies its time to wake up motherfuckers.

Its our time.
Its our life.
Lets take back this world.
Its ours to claim.

Lost in between the thoughts of reality and dreams,
I find myself fighting against an Invisible monarchy.

From time to time I look back to see if my perception has got the best of me.
I know there is something beyond my peripheral vison that may not be seen.

I cant take this anymore
I wont take it anymore.


Whats that beyond the stars?
I see a galaxy beyond our own.
Is this what my mentors spoke of.
I am terrified to know of this.

All life is just a perception of man and his view of this world.

Open your eyes to the truth and this reality.
We are all dead to ourselves but alive in one another.
Am I dreaming?
Track Name: Capitalization: We Are All Doomed
We are all doomed.

Our world is slowly falling apart right before our eyes.
I am concerned for humanities well being.

My stomach turns at the thought of what America has become.
To know that this world is ran by stocks and bonds.

We are all nothing more than slaves of wages.
A corrupt and polluted world.
What the hell are we doing?
Have we lost sight of ourselves?

My stomach turns at the thought of what America has become.
To know that this world is ran by stocks and bonds.

The federal reserve is taking our liberties and keeping us under their finger.
I am a slave to this system and corrupt world.

I've taken this world with a grain of salt and tried to comprehend it.
We have the technology to survive on our own.

Stock Market Crash!

We need to come together.
We need to overthrow.

We cant let them do this any longer.
They are ruining our lives.

From generation to generation they have continued to rule our world, our government, and our lives.

The time has come to take a stand, and show them.
We outnumber them, a million to one.

Wars created and innocent people killed, for what?
This world's stupidity and lack of knowing astounds me.

We are profit for their greedy hands.
We are just profit for them.

We need to come together.
We need to overthrow.

We cant let them do this any longer.
They are ruining our lives.

What if everything in life was free?
Dont you think that we would be happy?
Track Name: Location: Lost Between Time And Space
In a world so desensitized that our moral's reflect nothing more than a putrid soul.
Thriving on the lust and greed of meaningless objects, will one seek refuge in love or religion.

You will come down and you will see your end.
What will you make of your life?
Bring a generation of peace or war?
Close your mind off to the world and culture's around you or open up and accept "Mother Earth" the way she is.

Another scathing thought collides against my cerebral cortex only to fracture upon
Any notion I had given to predetermined existence was lost.
I am lost.
You are lost.
We are all lost.
There is no one who can call themselves righteous without conviction.
For those of you who do, may one day the pity and sorrow conquer you for the false pretext.

And I can only take so much more of this.
Revolution will bring new light to the world around us.

I left this place awhile ago.
The one I can't let go.
I guess I found my place.
Lost between time & space.

Listen not to the false testaments you've been given and take heed to these words.


Torn between the lines we've drawn for each other,
I gathered myself at the end of reality.
Purged from a constant burning star,
You had me struck down for these words,

"Closed feeble mind, I'll remove the crutch's that hold your time."
Track Name: Progression: Woe, Is Me
Scorched and singed by the length of time it took to retrieve these documents.
I believe there is something coming for the human race with every intention of putting us in our place.

Loathing in pergatory is where we'll be found amongst our brothers & sisters before us.
Galaxies will collide only to sooth the harlot's ears.

We made the mistake of keeping her pinned down and now we won't see our future.
Cataclysm to dissonance the stars cry out for help, we can't give them any sign.

Like flame to the wick of our desires and dreams, we'll perish in the blink of an eye?
Onward and throughout time we will progress.
These days are not of those to be weary and rest.

Surveying the landscape of those come and gone, I grasp one theory.
We progress for a species far more advanced than ours.

Lingering in between what you grasp as reality and solitude you will retrace your steps back to them.

We are the seeds.
We are the one's that breed.
So you better fucking take heed.
They'll line us up just to make us watch each other bleed.
Need I say more?

I can see it now you'll open your doors one day to reveal the master of horrors.
He'll inch his way through every crevace of your mind.
Only to show you who is the creator of your time.

I neither speak of god or man but a being so intricate that eyes could not even begin to conceive.
The dimensional gatherer of collective thoughts and mystery will denounce history.

I look for a home of other proportions where I can see the one who designed my faults.
Dreams reverberate off the caverns in such soft motion that I succeed to slumber.

Rotted in place for the other pupil's to indulge in, I learn of conspiracies near and far.
Leeched to the bottom of the bar, they suck on what resources are given to replinish their star.

I am determined to progress to the epicenter.
Revolting against the one you call father.
I am determined to progress to the epicenter.
Track Name: Compassion: A Shot To The Heart
Breathing in this polluted air makes me think of the illustrious elder who once said,
its far better to give than to take.
Take everything you will from me and strip me down to the bone.
One thing you will never take from me is the heart that I have.
Across the oceans in my heart, the waters are troubled and full of despair.
Though I deem it necessary to keep struggling forward, but I know this will all be worth it in the end.

Perhaps once they lay me in the ground they'll see me for what I'm worth.
Just a bag of bones, nothing more and nothing less.

I am a ghost to oblivion and these walls can not keep me contained.
I am more than just a free spirit floating & roaming these lands.

These words are my canvas,
just let them unfold upon you.

I realize now that if you take a man's love away that he is nothing more than a shell of sorrow and doubt, but breathe love back into his lungs and you'll give him the world to stand on top of.

All is not lost in this dying world. We could easily cure this cancerous disease that plagues our lands.

Its just if we have the gumption to get up and do anything about it.

Lets turn this world around.
For the sake of humanity.
Love is more than just a word that should fall off your lips.
Its a form of expressing an emotion that makes you who you are and what you might become.
I realize now that if you take a man's love away that he is nothing more than a shell of sorrow and doubt, but breathe love back into his lungs and you'll give him the world to stand on top of.

Love is what i have in my heart and I won't let it go and it will never fail and I will never go astray.
Track Name: Visualization: The Process Of Elimination
This world is our own little piece of paradise lets make it feel that way.
Hear me out, just be positive and know things could be worse or you could be dead.

There and only there will we stand as kings and queens to inevitably "vanquish our enemies by whatever means."

I keep these words bottled up and no one see's what I feel, but I assure you time is rearranging these thoughts that I would love for you to steal.

The hope I once had is long gone and now these days, they seem to just drag on & on.
I can't explain the way this feels but I hope you know it's very real,

By the simple process of input & output into our daily lives.
Nightmares are the cognitive delusion of our fears, & dreams are that of love.
Just reach out and rise above.

Now, I'll tell you once more that I am nothing but a man encased in an extremely complex & intricate series of nerves & organs.

One in which that has been given the ability of something as significant as the thought process.
I strive on this fact, although it seems most of you have forgotten that you have the same ability. Stop, look, & listen to what is going on around you.
It determines your fate.
Track Name: Retribution: The Absence Of Hindsight
Leftover from a shallow grave the day gives birth to hindsight.
Hollowed out with no recollection of memories a human is made new again.

All is forgotten from one's wonderous past just like that.
Could you imagine not knowing or hearing of your family or friends again?

This is why we call it a new day in which we need to find a way.
From america to the furthest reaches of time & space.

I overlooked all of the dust in between.

Let it be known that you create your own destiny day in and day out.
You are the only one who can look inside this world to see what she is really about.

Leftover from a shallow grave the day gives birth to hindsight.
Hollowed out with no recollection of memories a human is made new again.

Now take hold of your life.
Mend the broken brackets that hold this vessel together.

I see into the eyes of those who have been lied to and cheated out of their own lives. (x2)
Track Name: Exit: A Suspended Animation
I know of times better than this.
All you know are the lies you've been told.
Force fed enough bullshit to feed the masses.
Generations to come will be hindered.

I want answers and how much can you account for?
Where are those that have gone missing?
Why are we in debt to a system we had no hand in creating?
I am a man looking for change in this dark world.

What are you in search for? (x2)
Are you giving up?
Are you giving in?
I can't believe it's almost our end.

This earth gave birth to a terrible disease....
The men that control our so called free world with an unimaginable amount of lust for greed and the fossil fuels they need.

Freedom will never be free for this world until we eradicate the powers that be.
I seek truth in a parraleous realm of lies.
We need to do this for our communties.

As far as the eye can see we look for hope and change but have yet to see any.
It's absolutely repulsive that we've let our beloved planet become the prey.

Concluding on the thought of tyranny in a war torn world such as ours is not a such a dismissable theory.
Doomed for eternity?
A torchered soul sought out to rot forever?
A thought not so eery.
Rumors of wars to come and the trials we'll face is more than enough to send the shivers of disgrace down my spine.

Now tell me, do you see his face?

Crawl on your knees to the alter, let your tears litter the tombs of the fallen.
I swear its where I saw truth.

You are the key to life.
We are the key to life.